History of The Family Learning Center

In 1980 when a group of visionary parents and educators organized to form the Family Learning Center, the dream was to provide a place where pre-school children and families could learn and grow and thrive. 

Over the years, FLC has been in different locations around town. In 2008, we purchased the building we now occupy. It is the dream of the Board of Directors to expand in order to serve more children and families. 

In 2007, FLC received its first CYFD PreK Grant to offer free pre-school services to four year old children. In 2015, FLC received a CYFD PreK Grant to offer free pre-school services to three year olds. Now we are PreK all the way.

There is still a great deal of work to be done. With stabilizing funding for pre-school we can concentrate on funding to reinstate family therapy program.

Thanks to our sponsors and collaborators have been supportive over the years:


New Mexico CYFD

Espanola Pre K Collaborative

Los Alamos National Lab Foundation

Our Amazing Parents

Board Members

Individual Donors